Singing from the same hymn sheet… err monitor!

So how does it work in practice

As a planning tool it is great being able to email chord sheets out and transpose to the right key is great but it is for use live that Onsong really sores for me.

We used the app at Church On The Farm (a local churches together bible conference for Newfrontiers churches across Kent) this June.

The Band consisted of keyboard player, electric guitar, bass, drums, two backing vocals and me leading worship on lead vocals and acoustic guitar.

By using a VGA distribution amp we were able to supply four monitors to cover the band members with the iPad for myself and one BV.

We sourced some VESA mounts for the VGA screens which terminated in a mic stand screw thread as found on a standard mic clip so all the screens were mounted on mic stands. As a VESA mount is square we were able to mount the screens rotated 90 degrees and then use a function in onsong to rotate the VGA output to use the monitors in portrait mode.

Having free hands, the BV found it really easy to navigate and search for songs and as we did a fair few unplanned songs they were able to transpose into the current key to keep the flow going.

It worked amazingly well and we are now looking at how to incorporate into our regular Sunday setup.  (You can check out a quick video of the app in action at Church In The Farm here)

Are there any cons, well if I could have any feature added it would be to be able show regular and capo chords at the same time. As it stands I use it with regular chords showing for the rest of the band and I transpose for capo in my head. However the customer support is amazing and they have said this is a feature they are looking at for the future so watch this space.

As you can no doubt tell I think this app is great and as such we have included onsong format files on our song files page.

There are so many more features I could mention but I’ll let you check them out direct at

Rob Shillito is the Worship Team Co-ordinator for The City Church in Canterbury.

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