Storms and Sails

At about 2:00 this morning I awoke to find the whole world plunged into darkness. Ok maybe not the whole world but the UK was hit through the night by severe storms resulting in widespread power cuts.

At first you think of it as a bit of an inconvenience but then things start to dawn on you: all the Christmas food in the fridge and freezer or one of our children crying out because they don’t like it being pitch black.

As the morning progressed it became abundantly clear just how much we take living with the power readily flowing to be an essential part of everyday life. Without it the world feels somehow alien and out of place. (more…)

Stereo Worship

I don’t know about you but I just have no luck with earphones. No sooner do I buy a new pair than I find one of them is broken a few days later, so at the moment I’m spending my time only listening to one side of the story or should I say song.

You see nowadays we tend to listen to music in stereo, left and right, and it’s the combination of these two signals that give us the full mix. Instruments panned to one side will feature in one earphone and vice versa but if you send the signal in equal measure to both left and right speakers then you get the impression of the sound as dead center.

I felt God speak to me through this today with regards to how we lead worship.  (more…)

Get a grip

So today I woke up to find my world covered in white. Yes it snowed overnight (much to the delight of my kids) and as we live in a village on the outskirts of Canterbury this pretty much means I’m going no where. (more…)

Singing from the same hymn sheet… err monitor!

Piles of chord sheets lying around cluttering up your house?
Want to do a song in a different key but it’s a hassle to make new chord sheets?
Looking for more spontaneity in worship but worried not all team members will be able to follow by ear?

Well there’s an app for that – Onsong could be just the solution for you! (more…)

The Fatigue Of The Spectacular

When was the last time you were amazed? I mean really and truly taken back by something? I ask because it seems that we are becoming less and less impressed by the spectacular and my fear is more and more numbed to the all surpassing greatness of God and His wonders. (more…)

Continuous Worshippers

The other day I went to change my daughter’s nappy. As she was lying down, eyes closed, still half asleep from just having woken up I noticed her arm raised in the air above her head. I remembered her older brother used to do the same whilst sleeping, he looked like he was worshipping with hands raised, much to the amusement of my wife and I.