Get a grip

So today I woke up to find my world covered in white. Yes it snowed overnight (much to the delight of my kids) and as we live in a village on the outskirts of Canterbury this pretty much means I’m going no where.

Which earlier today left me with a problem. You see it’s Sunday and I had some equipment which was needed for our church service in Canterbury and that’s an issue when your car isn’t really equipped for this kind of weather.

However all was not lost as my mate Thom drives a 4 wheel drive car so for him the snow was no problem at all. His tyres gripping to the road, he was able to quite easily drive to mine, pick up the equipment and save the day – hurrah!!

You see although both of us have cars and both of us have licenses but only one of us was in a 4×4 and what we were in made all the difference.

It’s the same for us. It’s not about what we have or what we do, it’s all about who we are in. If you are a Christian then the bible says you are “in Christ” and that’s all that really counts. (Check out Eph 1 for just some of the places it talks about us being ‘in him’).

As Christ stands righteous before the Father so to ‘in him’ do you, as Christ has won the victory over sin and death so you too have victory over sin and death ‘in Christ’.

This should both humble us and embolden us in our worship as we recognise that it’s only down to Jesus that we can approach the Father and yet approach him we can, in full assurance that when he sees us, he sees the perfect righteousness of Jesus himself that clothes us.

So next time you’re feeling stranded and unsure how you’re going to get through, its time to grip tight to God’s truth and remember that its not where you are but who you’re in that really matters.

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